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The Survey of Surveys

Join me for a coffee (◍>◡<◍)⋈。✧♡

 1. White or red wine?

 2. Who was the last person you hugged?
   My bf

 3. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?
   I think so? Except I don't remember who ~ so I will just go with a simple yes.

 4. Where did your first kiss take place?
   On a black sofa

 5. What is your shoesize?

 6. Do you prefer fruit or vegetables?

 7.What does your outfit consist of today?
   Sweats and a restaurant souvenir tee

 8.What are your favourite smells?
   Citrus, Vanilla, Musk, Linen, anything fall

 9.What are your favourite textures?
   Velvet and patent leather

 10.Fur or feathers?
   Faux feathers

 11.Leopard print or neon?
   Both duh!

 12.Any beauty tips?
   Sunscreen is the #1 most important product

 13.If you won a LOT of money the lottery and decided to move, where would you move to?
   Nowhere, I would be nomadic forever

 14.Alcoholic beverage of choice?
   Tom collins or a skinny margarita

 15.What is more attractive: Nice hands or nice feet?

 16.If you were around in the sixties would you be a mod or a rocker?

 17.What do you think of when I say “the twenties”?

 18.Can you ride a bicycle?

 19.What sport were you best at in high school?
   Not good at anything but I liked volleyball though

 20.What was the last alcoholic beverage you consumed?
   Vodka soda

 21.Paris, London and New York… which one would you live in, which would you visit for a day, which would you visit for a fortnight?
   Live in NY, visit London for a day, and Paris for a fortnight

Sleep with or without clothes on? Prefer black or blue pens? Dress up on Halloween? Like to travel? Like Someone? Are you dating the person you like? Do they know? Who sleeps with you every night? Think you’re attractive? Want to get married? Are you a good student? Are you currently happy? Have you ever cheated?? Been cheated on? Birthplace? Christmas or Halloween? Colored or black-and-white photo? Do long distance relationships work? Do you believe in astrology? Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you consider yourself the life of the party? Do you drink? Do you make fun of people? Do you think dreams eventually come true? Favorite fictional character? Go to the movies or rent? Have you ever moved? Have you ever stolen anything? How’s the weather right now? Last time you cut your hair? Last person you talked to on the phone? Last time you showered? Loud or soft music? Mcdonalds or Burger King? Night or day? Number of pillows? Piano or guitar? Future job? Current job? Current love? Current longing? Current disappointment? Current annoyance? Last thing you ate? Last thing you bought? Most recent thing you are looking forward to? What are you hearing right now? Plans for the weekend? What did you do today? Pick a lyric, any lyric or song? Pick a movie quote?